I’m Tapping Out

Nowadays you can go to any corner of the world, walk into a bookstore, and find a section exclusive to self-help books. These books can range from anything to weight loss, marriage, finances, relationships, academics, and everything in-between. Better yet, if you’re not a frequent reader, don’t fret, because there’s an even bigger advise section called Google. At the touch of a finger you can find an article online about anything you need help with. And if these advisors don’t have the answers you need you can always turn to social media to ask your ever-waiting followers what to do. It is the year 2019 and there are abundant and infinite ways to get help on another endless amount of battles. There are fashion icons and fitness models to follow on Instagram to know exactly what we “should” look like. There are famous mom bloggers who make it seem what a “perfect mom’s” parenting should look like. And if that’s not enough, there are posts about happy marriages and exotic vacations that say, “this is what a good life looks like.”

Although your battles and insecurities may look different than mine, we all have them. If we’re being really honest, they’re usually internal struggles that we are hesitant and fearful to bring into the light. Whether your battle is one with food, money, self-image, anxiety, depression, marital issues, self-worth issues, or any other issue the enemy likes to throw at us, we are all going to face something that this world wants to weigh us down with to keep us in its clutches rather than allowing us to live in eternal freedom that God is trying to freely give us. The funny thing is, the world has absolutely no strength or power unless we give it to the battles. Yes, the battles may be overwhelming and painful, but they are not forever. We do not have to remain in the grasp of pain, fighting a battle that we can not win on our own. We turn to every self-help book, online article, and new fad possible to try and win the battles that this world throws at us when we have an Almighty God who has already defeated every evil thing. While we are sweating, tirelessly fighting, our faithful and loving God is waiting for us to hand the battle over to Him and proclaim, “You, Lord, have already won the battle.”

Now as much as I would love to say that this has been my daily anthem, that would be a downright lie. A lot of days I find myself depending on my own strength, turning to social media or books, and leaning on my friends to get me through the valleys in life. Now don’t get me wrong, God has blessed us with community to walk through life with because we are not meant to go through things alone. However, He did not bless us with these people or things to replace Him. God is the only One who knows what the finish line looks like. Although God may not take the battle away completely, you are never alone in the midst of it. His heart breaks when you lay defeated at the lies that your battle is throwing at you. You are never alone when Jesus us waiting to hold your hand and fight off the demons ahead.

I’m tapping out on my struggle with anxiety and being perfect. I’m tapping out on my battle to have a perfect social life, perfect academic career, and perfect body. I’m tapping out on trying to win the fight against sin on my own strength and not the strength of the Lord.

Jesus is the only One who can carry you to the finish line. So pick up your battle, and all of the fragments and broken pieces that it has chipped off of your heart, and lay them at the feet of Jesus. Let Him carry you through this battle, and let His Truth guide you through like a beckoning light. Look that struggle in the eyes, proclaim to the God who is WAITING to carry you through, “This is how I fight my battles: Leaning on and depending on You,” then tap out and let God finish the fight.

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