The Ferris Wheel of Desire

As humans we are always yearning for something.

Somewhere in this world there is a high schooler desiring acceptance, an employee wanting satisfaction in a raise, a college student searching for purpose, a parent simply wanting to succeed. Within each of us is this need to be satisfied. It burns as fierce as the need for food and air. It fills us as oxygen consumes our lungs and water quenches our thirst. Although our desires may be different, they all come from a place of need. They all are an attempt to fill within us the place where the hole of dissatisfaction rests. The past few months I have been trying to feel satisfied through means that have no end. Whether it was working out to reach a certain image, spending quality time with people I love, working hard at a job, or taking time for myself, I was constantly trying to feel satisfied, complete. Although all of these activities are good and have the potential to bear much fruit, they are unable to provide the satisfaction that we all crave. In fact, I found that in my life they began taking priority over the Lord. Instead of going to Him I would go to these other things for help in times of crisis or to fulfill an aching in my heart to be enough. These once good things transformed from healthy disciplines to idols that I was looking to to bring satisfaction over the only One who can bring life.

God created us with a desire for Him. We are aware of our incompleteness and live our lives trying to fill it. However, our Father created this empty hole inside us so that one day He may fill it and complete us as He calls us His Beloved. This is all we need, people! So why are we acting as though being His sons and daughters isn’t enough? Why has our minds convinced us that how this world makes us feel is more true than what the Lord says about us? Looking towards anything else besides the Lord to satisfy you will simply lead to a cul-de-sac – a never-ending, circling dead-end. The Ferris wheel of exciting vacations, full wallets, pretty clothes, and an office with your name on it seems enticing. But the problem with Ferris wheels is that there is no end. You simply continue going in a circle. The attempt for satisfaction is the same way. You will never be in good enough shape, in a high enough position, in the receiving end of enough compliments. As much as you succeed, you will always want more. My friends, step off your ferris wheel and step into the freedom and ultimate satisfaction that the Lord already offers you.

May we put down the bread of this world and take up the Bread of Life, the only thing that satisfies. He knows the deepest parts of ourselves and knows what we need before we’re aware of the lack of it. May the deepest part of our souls believe without a blemish of a doubt, that Christ is more than enough. That He is the only thing that will satisfy you, and He offers Himself freely to you, without the need to earn it.  May we whisper, “take it all away and just give me You.” May our desires for anything else fall away in light of the glorious light of our Lord. May we, hand in hand, step off the Ferris wheel and walk into the rich and unfathomable satisfaction that awaits us in the arms of our Father.


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